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“The World Out There”

It’s the middle of the night, and he should be asleep in his bed
Instead he’s opening his window and poking out his head
He stares up at the heavens, gazing at the stars    
While listening to the sounds of distant passing cars.

The world out there seems strange, and so dark and scary
People die in planes, or eaten by monsters fat and hairy.
Kidnappers will steal you from school, and terrorists shoot you in the face
Evil ghosts will haunt your soul, working in tandem with aliens from space.

Bank robbers take you hostage, and shove your nose into your brain
Or mustachioed villains tie you to the tracks, and have you run over by a train.
The world doesn’t really feel real, as he ponders it from the safety of his room
But he knows that these things happen, it is statistically safe to assume.

The vastness of the night, even as the stars twinkle in the sky
Overwhelms him with the possibilities, of ways to live and die
His world sometimes feel small, surrounded by just his family and his friends
But as he looks out his bedroom window, he can see the world never ends.

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"A Different Life"

The whirring of the ceiling fan blends into a silent soothing hum, as Kyle feels himself get lost in the hypnotic blades circling endlessly above.

The cool gentle air brushes his arms and face, but it doesn’t feel real… as if he’s not meant to be here, right now, in this life.  An empty sensation creeps over him, one he has felt in the quiet moments of night, and he senses what could only be his soul hovering above his shell of a body.

Could he have had a different life?  One without a job, three kids, and an understanding wife?  To think of his life now, it doesn’t feel like his own… like he’s just a passenger on a train following tracks laid down long before he got here.  He can’t even quite articulate completely what is tingling in the back of his brain, but it’s there.

He can see himself on an airplane, flying somewhere, anywhere, alone… but that doesn’t quite feel real either.  It’s just another “this”.

And maybe that version of him on that airplane feels the same.  Nothing changes. 

Reality sucks back into his consciousness, as he hears his wife and kids playing in the hallway, their existence reminding him that he forgot to go to the grocery store for eggs and cereal.

Originally Posted 1/25/2013

(Gif’d by the Spectacular Fatma of!)

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