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Hear Me - Imagine Dragons

Try to hear my voice
You can leave, now it’s your choice

Maybe if I fall asleep, I won’t breathe right
Maybe if I leave tonight, I won’t come back

I said it before, I won’t say it again
Love is a game to you, it’s not pretend
Maybe if I fall asleep, I won’t breathe right

Can nobody hear me?
I got a lot that’s on my mind
I cannot breathe
Can you hear it, too?

(Source: aint-it-fun--being-all-alone)

( 4/04/2014 )

by DearPoetry

Everything here is so fucking
loud and this dragon eyed girl
doesn’t feel like filtering

She doesn’t want to answer
the phone today, either, so-
she stuffs her ears with
silence, and
her mouth with new
as she kisses
swollen knees.

She’s pondering
socks now too
their mixed &
matched indecency.

Real ladies wouldn’t
dare step outside
wearing one pink
& one green sock,

but she’s no lady.-

A red lipped hermit
holding a knife to her
own throat, screaming-


who embraces
the sun and
the rain on her face
for the first time
in weeks.

Oh poets with your

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